Zoral Platform

January 29, 2017

Understandably, most loan management systems (LMS) focus on managing loans. They were designed and developed prior to the mass selling of financial products on the Internet. So many struggle to meet the needs of an automated, STP, AI driven world. Zoral Platform (ZDE, BDW, ZML) and LMS solve this issue. They combine to form one of the most powerful credit platforms in use globally today.

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Behavioral Data Warehouse

December 2, 2016

Behavioral data can be highly predictive. It improves customer visibility and helps you make better decisions. It allows you to adapt your digital customer journey to each customer, improve conversions, increase automation, reduce cost, risk, fraud, defaults and much more.

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Decision Engine

November 9, 2016

Whether selling via a website or app, you need to respond immediately to each step of the journey. You need to “see” your customer, understand who they are, collect the right data, evaluate their needs, detect anomalous behavior, assess risk / pricing / product / affordability, dynamically adapt the customer journey and make many other decisions... and all this in real-time. Only this way can you optimize your service and profitability. To do all this and more, Zoral has developed one of the world’s most advanced, intelligent decision engines Zoral Decision Engine (ZDE).

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